Dr. Laura Lawrence

General Dentist and Tongue Tie Expert

Dr. Laura has dedicated her life to continued learning and helping others, leading her to a career in dentistry with a focus towards identifying and solving airway disturbances.

Dr. Laura loves to help patients of all ages obtain and maintain healthy smiles!

At my Boutique Practice, I only want to see one thing:

You! - happy, healthy, and

leaving with your best smile and confidence.

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About Dr. Laura

Raised in Dayton, Ohio, and now a resident of greater Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Laura has traveled to all seven continents – including a research expedition to Antarctica – prior to her formal dental education.

Her credentials include a DMD in Dentistry from Case Western Reserve University, a master’s Degree in Geochemistry from The Ohio State University, General Practice Residency at the renowned Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, and a Tethered Oral Tissues Apprenticeship with Dr. Greg Notestine.

Dr. Laura is a member of the Spear Study Club, Alpha Omega Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, and Cleveland Dental Society. She is a 2021 Ambassador for The Breathe Institute and a member of The American Laser Study Club.

When she isn’t working with patients or educating others on airway/tongue tie, Dr. Laura spends time with her husband, Zack, son, Billy, daughter, Scarlett, and husky puppy, Furi.

About My Work

Dr. Laura has made airway and tongue tie a focus in her work. She educates doctors, providers, and parents/guardians on the condition and continues to stay up to date on the latest research.

Dr. Laura focuses her general dentistry practice on the prevention of tooth and gum disease. In addition to conventional dental treatment, Dr. Laura offers:

  • Airway and tongue tie evaluation
  • Enamel rebuilding treatments
  • Non invasive laser therapies
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Going the Extra Mile

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Preventative Dentistry

Why wait for a problem to develop? Learn how you can take action to help prevent tooth and gum disease.

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Wellness Check-Ups

Dr. Laura is passionate about creating happy and healthy smiles. Dental check ups include evaluation of the airway and proper function.

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Satisfaction Rate

Dr. Laura is here to help achieve your dental goals. Creating a customized plan for each individual is a priority.

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Dr. Laura offers general dentistry, clear aligner therapy and tongue tie release services.

List of services offered:

  • Routine Hygiene
  • Preventative Resin Infiltration
  • Fillings
  • Crowns/Bridges
  • Implant crowns
  • Clear Aligner Therapy
  • CO2 Laser Therapy
  • Dentures

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Katie C.

Dr. Laura is truly AMAZING! Patient, Kind, compassionate, concise and knowledgeable does not even begin to cover the level of care we received. Family centered care is one of the most admirable attributes. She was not only great with my daughter, but great with me as a concerned parent as well. She is highly trained and specialized in Lip and Tongue ties. The provedure was unbelievably fast and healed so well! Her staff was helpful and knowledgable in insurance matters as well. She was our first choice. I would recommend her to anyone.

One to five star review
One to five star review

April C.

I Highly Recommend Dr. Laura German-Lawrence! I have been a patient of Dr. Laura’s for almost 2 years now. I wish I would have found this exceptionally skilled & amazing dentist a long time ago. Dr. Laura is so gentle and caring whenever I go in for my dental appointments, I don’t want to leave her office! I refer all my family & friends to go see Dr. Laura!! I can’t wait to go back in to see her for my next dental appointment!

Heather D.

Dr. Laura is a unicorn health care provider. She exceeded our expectations in every way and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone searching for information on tongue and lip ties. She is a wealth of knowledge, warm & welcoming, financially accessible, and genuinely wants to help in anyway she can.

One to five star review

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